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Should you choose an LPG hybrid or a diesel?

Using a car allows you to move around freely, both privately and for work purposes. The more kilometers you drive per month, the more important it becomes to spend on fuel, the price of which is steadily rising. Despite the fashion for electric cars, most users find them too expensive and impractical due to the cumbersome and expensive charging. Much more popular are traditional alternatives – buying a vehicle with diesel engine or installing LPG system in a car with hybrid drive. Let’s find out which of these will prove more beneficial.

What is involved in using a diesel car?

For a long time, cars with diesel engines have been considered an excellent alternative to vehicles with petrol units. The argument for this was their failure-free construction and, above all, lower fuel consumption, and thus the low cost of covering one kilometer. Modern diesels, however, are very different from these ideas. Diesel engines have become complex, and thus expensive to maintain and repair.

This is important because it also affects the durability of all components, and the mileage achieved in the past is now impossible to achieve. These engines are also extremely sensitive to fuel quality, and due to the significant level of emissions of harmful substances in many EU countries, the possibility of their use has been severely limited. It should also not be forgotten that as a rule, diesel cars are more expensive to buy, which extends their depreciation period.

Hybrid with LPG

Hybrid cars combined with a gas installation mean significant savings in every respect. Simple calculations confirm this. Let’s assume that the cost of petrol is about 7 PLN per liter and LPG – 4 PLN. If the car burns about 5 liters of petrol per 100 km, the cost of fuel will amount to PLN 35. In the case of LPG, on the other hand, even if the car burns 6 l per 100 km, you will spend less on fuel – around 24 PLN. The savings in this case will amount to 11 PLN.

Using LPG together with the option of recovering energy during braking gives the possibility of almost costless support of electric engine. What is important, relatively simple petrol engines of older and newer hybrids are perfectly compatible with LPG systems. It is worth noting that cars of this type are especially popular among cab drivers because of their reliability and low fuel consumption.

Which generates more benefits – LPG hybrid or diesel?

To the question of whether it is more profitable to choose hybrid LPG or diesel, as manufacturers of automotive LPG systems – AG Centrum – we answer, more savings are guaranteed by purchasing a hybrid on LPG. The ecological aspect is also important. It turns out that hybrid cars, which are considered ecological, can be even more environmentally friendly, thanks to the combination of hybrid and LPG. Compared to diesel, LPG guarantees lower emissions of harmful compounds such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Choosing a hybrid with LPG therefore generates benefits not only for the driver, but also for the environment.