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‘Can you save money by driving a car?’

Experienced drivers know many ways to travel economically: from the use of economical driving techniques, through the use of loyalty programs, entitling to promotional fuel prices at selected stations, to the installation of an autogas system, which enables cheaper refueling. Can you save money by driving a car? Of course. The users of gas-powered vehicles know this best, because the cost of fuel has a large impact on the profitability of using a car.

How does the LPG installation affect economical driving?

Gas fuel is still the cheapest way to power a car. For many drivers, the way to drive economically is to put gas in the car. A carefully designed gas installation takes into account the requirements of the engine with which it is to work. Proper selection of LPG system components affects the effective operation of the car and ensures long-term efficiency of the vehicle’s gas system. A professional installation for direct petrol injection is made of parts that are matched to a specific car model. In the case of LPG installations for engines with indirect petrol injection, the selection of components is free, depending on the preferences of the installer and the quality of the component itself. In the case of installing the installation to a car with a DI (direct injection) engine, the manufacturer offers a dedicated assembly for a specific engine code.

What are the proven ways to use a car cheaper?

Installing an LPG system allows drivers to fill up with the cheapest fuel on the market. If the car consumes 10 l/100 km, then driving a car fueled with Pb fuel for 3,000 km/l (PLN 6.57/l) is equivalent to PLN 1,971 for the driver, but in the case of LPG fueling (PLN 3.03/l ), assuming that gas consumption is 15% higher than gasoline consumption, the cost of fuel will be PLN 1,045/month*. In a month, the driver of a gas-powered car will save PLN 926, which can be used for another purpose.

*The calculations do not take into account the minimum gasoline consumption needed to warm up the engine before switching to LPG.

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