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‘What should you know when refueling with LPG?’

Currently, gas car users can refuel their vehicles at self-service refueling stations. What should you know when refueling with LPG? Skin contact with gas during refueling is very dangerous, therefore it is worth wearing protective gloves when refueling with gas. To prevent fuel from escaping when filling the tank of a car with a gas system, you must follow the gas refueling instructions. Gas fumes can cause severe frostbite wounds, so it is important to use the fuel gas gun with care.

What affects safe refueling with LPG?

LPG dispensers, available for self-use, are equipped with safety devices that prevent gas from escaping into the external environment. Liquefied gas refueling guns have hooks to prevent fuel from escaping. A properly fastened gun ensures high tightness of the refueling system. Remember, however, that if you are concerned about refueling your car with LPG yourself, you can use the help of staff at the distribution point.

How should I fill up with gas?

Filling up with gas is an easy operation, but it must be done with care, after familiarizing yourself with how to operate the fuel dispenser. Refueling can be started after the vehicle’s engine is turned off and the handbrake applied. In order to fill the tank, insert the gun evenly into the car valve. Abrupt insertion of the fuel filler gun may result in a dangerous gas leak. The lock on the gun must be tightened before refueling. Turning on and holding the button on the dispenser will start the supply of fuel to the tank. After refilling the tank in the car, you can release the lock and put the gun back in the dispenser.

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