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‘Does a car with an LPG installation lose value?’

Installation of a car gas system allows the driver to benefit from economical driving. Refueling the vehicle with gas fuel is still profitable. Does a car with an LPG installation lose value? Of course not. On the contrary, for many vehicle buyers, the presence of an autogas system in the purchased car is an asset. This applies in particular to cars that consume a large amount of fuel, i.e. vehicles with a powerful engine, high weight, as well as cars that are used frequently.

When is it profitable to use a gas-powered car?

The use of a gas car is profitable when the LPG gas installation is of good quality. A modern, fully functional gas installation is responsible for economical fuel consumption. Modern sequential gas installations enable precise dosing of fuel to the engine cylinders. Manufacturers of high-class autogas installations, e.g. Zenit, attach great importance to the quality of the components from which the installation is built, and also offer products ideally suited to the car engine model. Electronic controllers control the supply of fuel to the engine in the optimal dose, which affects dynamic and, at the same time, economical travel.

Why are gas-powered cars so popular?

The popularity of vehicles powered by gas fuel does not pass away. There are many reasons why gas-powered cars enjoy unflagging interest among customers. Buying a new car with a factory-installed LPG installation is not uncommon nowadays. Car manufacturers implement new technologies to improve the use of cars, also in the field of LPG installations. If you buy a used car, in which the seller has decided to install an autogas system, it is worth checking the quality of the gas system and engine operation parameters in the workshop.

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