‘Which gas installation to choose for a car?’

Choosing the right gas installation for your car can be difficult, but thanks to the new autogas installation category from the Premium line, this choice becomes easier. Modern technology and the highest quality of workmanship are the features that distinguish the installations we offer.

Premium, Pro and Basic line

Zenit Black Box brand is a Premium category, in which the advanced electronics of the gas installation and the Zenit controller provide the installer with comfortable work based on the best and most desirable features of the installation. Thanks to this installation, the user can enjoy labor savings on gasoline while maintaining the high quality of the installation.

PRO line is recommended for modern cars with large engine capacity and power – just like the Premium line. The Blue Box model supports sequential and semi-sequential engines as well as turbocharged engines. These are advanced Zenit electronics made of the best and reliable components on the market. This solution ensures high quality at an affordable price. In turn, the BASIC line is designed for older cars with a smaller engine and power. Zenit Compact was designed for 4-cylinder engines. Savings on petrol and proven quality are the advantages of this installation.

Choose an GLP installation with homologation

It is worth noting that our systems are made of the highest quality components and are manufactured in modern and automated factories. Thanks to this, each stage of production is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system and environmental protection regulations. All this allows us to deliver the highest quality products.

To sum up, the choice of the right gas installation for a car depends primarily on the individual needs and requirements of the user. The PREMIUM, PRO and BASIC models we offer are proposals that will certainly meet the expectations of most users.

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