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‘How much does it cost to install a gas system in a car?’

The price of LPG is still more favorable than the cost of petrol or diesel. The investment related to the installation of a gas system in the car pays off after a few months of vehicle operation. In vehicles with indirect fuel injection, the cost of installing an LPG system is much lower than in cars with direct petrol injection. The price of installing an LPG installation depends on several factors.

What affects the cost of installing an LPG system in a car?

For many years, cars have been fitted with sequential autogas systems, made of advanced components. The high quality of the parts determines the price of the autogas system, and as a result, the cost of installing the car gas system. If you are curious how much money you can save by deciding to install a gas system in your car, use the LPG cost-effectiveness calculator. With its help, you can easily estimate the operating costs of a car with an LPG installation. The cost of investing in a car LPG installation depends on the standard of the service. Installation of an autogas installation in a specialized gas workshop is often associated with a higher cost, which consists not only of solid performance of the service, but also impeccable aesthetics of the installation of individual elements of the installation.

The cost of investment in a sequential autogas installation, and the type of engine

Each car engine requires the installation of components appropriate to its power and capacity, which affects the cost of installing the LPG system. In addition, the sequential gas installation can be designed for cars with direct or indirect fuel injection. Installation of a sequential LPG system is more expensive in the case of cars equipped with a direct fuel injection engine. However, the cost of installing an LPG installation varies in different regions of the country, so it is worth doing some research on the price of the service offered in individual gas workshops. The prices of gas system installation for cars with indirect petrol injection start from PLN 2,000, and for cars with direct injection, from PLN 3,000. If you have been hesitating so far whether you can save money by driving on gas, we hope we have convinced you. The installation cost is variable, but the savings are constant. Start saving today.

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