Is it possible to mount LPG in a car with direct fuel injection?

Many drivers wonder if LPG can be installed in a car with direct fuel injection. In the past, it was not possible. Even ten years ago, in the cars with engines equipped with direct injection, LPG installations were not installed. On the one hand, there was no demand for services of this type, on the other hand direct injection set quite specific requirements in relation to the gas installation. Currently the situation looks completely different. Injectors have been adapted to the specifics of the gas installation operation. The change in the supply between gas and petrol occurs automatically, the drivers often do not even notice the moment of transition.

Methods of using LPG in cars with direct injection


Standard direct petrol injection is not an obstacle in the assembly of LPG installations. This can be done in two ways. The most advanced installations are able to dose gas through the factory-made petrol injectors. It is a solution that guarantees good performance of the vehicle, but it is also quite expensive. It rather is not dedicated to the drivers who, want to save a bit on the operation of their vehicle on LPG. However, this modern alternative is chosen by many drivers, especially those who buy almost new cars. The direct LPG injection realized thanks to the factory-made fuel pump and factory-made petrol injectors ensures perfect integration with the engine.


The second, much more often used solution is the traditional gas installation, i.e.  sequential gas injection. In this case, the installation of the sequential injection must be adapted to the engine. The gas supply principle is here the same as in the older generation engines with indirect petrol injection, but there are some significant differences related to the electronics controlling the installation. The installation programming must be pre-prepared by the manufacturer of the gas controller for a specific vehicle model. In addition, in the case of this solution, the car while working, also consumes petrol, which is dosed in small amounts to cool the injectors.