Czy montaż instalacji gazowej do auta hybrydowego jest możliwy?

Is it possible to mount gas installation in a hybrid car?

Many drivers ask themselves a question – how to drive cheaper? The answer is simple and the implementation is within reach!

Do you know that a hybrid car driving as a taxi consumes average of 5-5.5 l of petrol per 100 km, and no more than 7 l/100 km of LPG? It is hard to argue with numbers.

Is it possible to mount gas installation in a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars are no longer a rarity on the roads. The answer to the question: “What do you know about hybrid cars?” – is automatic: “they are economical and ecological”. And to the question: “Is it possible to mount  gas installation in a hybrid?” many do not know the answer. And the answer is very simple. Installation of gas in a hybrid is possible, and most importantly – it is profitable. The investment returns very quickly.

The gas in a hybrid is possible and cost-effective

Assuming petrol price of approx. 5.00 PLN, and LPG price of about 2 PLN, the average cost of a 100 km travel by hybrid Toyota Auris 1.8 is an expense of about 25 PLN. However, with the gas installation, the cost is about 12 PLN, the difference is twice. On every 1000 km, savings reach 100 PLN. If you drive a car for 5 years and annually travel 20 000 km, you save up to 13 000 PLN with Zenit installation. The numbers speak for themselves.

Hybrids are becoming more and more popular

Initially, the most popular hybrid car was Toyota Prius. Today, hybrid drive exists in a wide range of car models, not only in Toyota. From year to year, the number of hybrid car owners is increasing, as well as those who convert hybrids into LPG autogas installations. Anyone who can count the money, convert hybrids to gas. Taxi drivers are a good example. The taxi service means earnings, and the hybrid on gas increases savings.