Podróż bezpieczna dla zdrowia i łaskawa dla portfela

Travel safe for your health and kind for your wallet?

Many of us ask ourselves … Stay at home or travel? Lockdown has passed, most restrictions on citizens have been lifted – we are trying to return to “normality”, although still maintaining the principle of social distance.

Movement ban lifted …

Quarantine and several dozen days staying almost 24/7 at home behind us. From day to day we had to adapt to the new reality. We often worked remotely from home, and sometimes we looked after children at the same time. There was a time when even a walk was forbidden, not to mention the ban on movement and travel. And it is the opportunity to travel for many of us is the driving force for action and a stepping stone in everyday life.

Stay at home or travel?

Lockdown has passed, so travel. BUT safely! Not every means of transport will guarantee comfort and safety for you and your family. Buses or trains are enclosed spaces in which many people of unknown health stay. Despite the lack of restrictions on movement, remember the principle of social distance. Let’s think twice before buying a ticket for a crowded train or bus. This does not mean, however, that we are to refuse to spend time in our dream places – let’s just consider whether there are more secure means of transport.

How to travel safely in the new (after) CO-VID reality?

In the face of a new reality, if possible, travel in your own car. Thanks to this, you will increase the chances of spending summer and holidays in health and with a smile on the face of the whole family. Driving a car is also a guarantee of time and financial independence. Time – because you decide when you start the engine and do not stick to the top timetable. Financial – because driving a car can be not only safe but also economical. The more you drive, the more you save. Sounds incredible? And yet … You are given such freedom by driving a car with an LPG gas installation. A one-time investment pays off. It brings measurable financial savings that you’ll love. Each refueling at the station means bills lower by half, because LPG is a fuel about 50% cheaper than gasoline. Always. This is not the result of a seasonal promotion, but a relatively constant relationship between the prices of both fuels.

If you plan trips closer or further, and also often move every day – use means of transport that will be as safe as possible for you and your family. As part of physical activity, it can be your own bike. In everyday transport, however, driving a car is best. And driving a car with a gas installation is a double benefit: a safe and economical way to travel. It’s everyday and holiday.

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