Instalacja LPG

What elements does the LPG installation consist of?

Poland is the largest LPG market in Europe – over 3 million cars. We have even more cars than the Italians – over 2 million cars. Most of them are in a country located partly in Europe, i.e. Turkey – 4 millions. Therefore, LPG is still very popular and profitable in Poland, because its price is rising at a much slower pace than gasoline and diesel. Owners, as long as the installation is of high quality, also do not have to worry about the reliability of the entire system. What exactly does the installation consist of?

Construction of LPG installations

The LPG system includes:

  • controller – an element that controls the engine’s power supply system and basing on the downloaded data, precisely and accurately determines the fuel dose and timing.
  •  gas injectors – usually installed in the front of the car. They are primarily responsible for dosing the amount of LPG through flexible hoses and then through intake valves in the drive unit,
  • gas reducer – is responsible for reducing gas pressure, in addition, it ensures the right amount of gas pressure to the current demand of the engine, and also protects against LPG outflow from the reducer in a situation when the drive unit is not working,
  • MAP sensor – gas pressure and vacuum sensor without which proper LPG operation is impossible. It is usually located between the injectors and the volatile phase filter,
  • volatile phase filter – is responsible for cleaning the gas while it is in the volatile phase. First of all, it protects injectors, removing oily fractions with which gas may have been contaminated, e.g. during transport to a petrol station,
  • gas tank – cylindrical (mounted in the trunks) or toroidal (mounted in the place of a spare wheel),
  • multi-valve – is responsible for cutting off the inflow of LPG gas from the dispenser, if it reaches the level of about 80% of the capacity in the tank,
  • Gas filler – usually mounted in the fuel filler flap or in the bumper.

Each of the above-mentioned elements is of great importance for the full efficiency of LPG installations in a car. In order to ensure that your system works properly, contact a professional workshop.