montażem systemu LPG

Autogas and economic benefits

From year to year we can see an increase in number of drivers who decide to install an LPG system in their cars. According to many of them, this is the optimal form of fuel, because it does not require any additional process that converts liquid, e.g. gasoline into gas. As a result, it also reduces exhaust emissions to air, which indicates the ecological importance of this solution.


LPG engine operation

Compared to gasoline, gas has a higher octane number, which makes it more resistant to detonation combustion. This property allows for spark plug advance, that is why it improves engine performance. This is another reason for using LPG in cars.

If we use the LPG profitability calculator, we will see that for every hundred kilometers, the profits reach up to 40% (compared to gasoline). Clearly, it shows that the savings increase with the distance travelled.

Installation adjusted to the requirements of a specific car

One of the secrets to obtain a large amount of savings is also matching the appropriate installation to the needs of a specific car model. Among them, the most popular and reliable are gas installations of the 4th and 5th generation. They also allow for trouble-free operation of the engine, and when using good quality gas they do not cause loss of power or combustion.

It is also worth noting that in case of autogas systems we do not have to deal with dilution of the fuel, so there is no excessive exploitation of the crank system. You can also see the beneficial effect in the form of a long lifetime of the system. It should be remembered that LPG installation can be an alternative way of powering a vehicle and can also be used with gasoline supply. As a result, the distance travelled can be extended without frequent refuelling the car.