pojazdów na LPG

Safety rules when using vehicles with LPG supply

Keeping road safety is of the utmost importance. Vehicles with installed LPG should always be perfectly prepared for driving. Many people are afraid to power their car with gas because of the possibility of explosion. Nothing could be more wrong, because cars with LPG are no more dangerous than the ones powered by fuel. Of course, you must follow a few rules that will ensure safe driving in all conditions.

Safety in a car with LPG

All examinations and tests carried out on cars with LPG supply show that driving this type of vehicle is completely safe. However, you should always be careful when driving a vehicle. The safety of driving such a car is primarily influenced by the installation method. Stable and professional installation, adapted to the car is the key to comfortable and safe drive. Installing LPG in a car is associated with more frequent inspection. Regular checks up of the slack bars and replacing the spark plugs can guarantee peace of mind for the driver. Why should the condition of these parts be checked so often? High combustion temperatures can cause problems related to the engine operation.

LPG installation – safety-related formalities

Regular inspection, as well as extension of the tank approval – every 10 years – significantly contributes to safety while driving a car with LPG. Special attention should be paid to choose the right workshop. The specialist should carry out computer diagnostics and perform exhaust gas analysis. It is also worth replacing the spark plugs, and sometimes also the ignition cables.

Modern cars with LPG installation are very durable. Leakage protection valves can prevent the installation from being damaged even during a collision.