What to do when you smell gas in the car?

LPG installation is a very popular solution. It is estimated that currently approx. 15% of cars in Poland are equipped with a gas installation, and due to the rising fuel prices, this number may constantly increase. This fact makes Poland the leader of European countries with the largest number of autogas vehicles. Users deciding to use liquefied gas as the basic fuel must remember about certain safety rules and specific rules of conduct in the event of any failure. Read the text to find out what to do when you smell gas in a car with an LPG system.

Is the gas in the car’s cabin a cause for concern?

Despite the safety of gas installations in cars, it should be remembered that these vehicles are also prone to faults. As in the case of cars whose basic fuel is petrol or crude oil, any problem should be immediately reported to a professional workshop or car service. Ignoring faults may lead to system damage or vehicle failure.

One of the symptoms of malfunction may be the gas you can feel in the car cabin. The reasons for this state of affairs can be found in the faults of the gas installation or the exhaust system – this fact should be immediately reported to the mechanic. The most common causes of breakdowns include: leaks in the installation, as well as improper regulation of the system, resulting in too much gas supplied to the combustion chamber. Leakage in the exhaust or ventilation ducts will cause autogas to enter the car cabin.

Effects of damage to the LPG system

It should be remembered that the gas used to power vehicles has a very sharp and characteristic smell, which allows for its quick detection. It is worth bearing in mind that a failure of the LPG or exhaust system is a serious fault that, if ignored, is harmful not only to the car, but also to the health of its users.

Damage to the LPG installation, as well as any doubts related to the correct operation of the system, should be reported to a professional car workshop dealing with installation and repair of the gas installation.

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