A prescription for a vacation kind to the wallet?Yes, on LPG!

We often look forward to vacations throughout the calendar year. We make plans well in advance. In our dreams, the vacation is fully successful, but in reality we have no control over many factors. On the weather, on the neighborhood in the hotel, on random accidents, on the prices of dinners in seaside resorts, which can strongly surprise. So is it possible to make this important time as satisfying as possible?

We have got a solution

We know how to make your vacation commute enjoyable, kind to your wallet and the environment. Commuting is a key part of a vacation. You can get there by train or coach. A plane is often only an intermediate means from point A to point B, it nevertheless involves further commuting by car. You can simply get to your vacation by car – from home to your destination, without baggage restrictions, at any time. And in our opinion, this option is by far the most convenient and can be by far the cheapest. Provided that it takes place on an autogas system.

50% cheaper on LPG than on gasoline!

Savings from driving on LPG are about 50% of the price of gasoline. The cost-effectiveness of driving on this environmentally friendly fuel is high both for vacations abroad, but also for those spent in Poland. Instead of overpaying by driving on Pb, you can pay less when you fill up. And you can use the savings for other vacation activities or for a longer stay.

Remember! By saving 50% of transportation costs right from the start, you increase the chances that your vacation will be successful and spent the way you dream it.

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