‘Fuel efficient engines love LPG!’

Cars with large-capacity engines are not losing popularity. Larger combustion in each cylinder allows high power output at different revolutions. Large-capacity engines have a long service life, as they are not subjected to as much stress during operation as smaller turbocharger-assisted units. The biggest disadvantage of this type of engine is the very high fuel requirements, which at current gasoline and diesel prices can ruin the budget. A great solution, combining great performance and an economical approach, is to install an LPG system in a car with a large engine.

How to drive and not go bankrupt?

Even in the days when gasoline and diesel cost less, it was quite expensive to maintain a car with a large capacity engine. Currently, you have to pay about PLN 8 for one liter of gasoline, while the price of a liter of gas fluctuates around the amount of PLN 3.55. This encourages more and more people to install a gas installation in their vehicle, regardless of engine capacity. Various types of LPG installations are now available, tailored to the specific type of engine and car model. Installing a good quality installation is an investment that pays for itself in a relatively short time and can serve for a very long time.

Why is it a good idea to install LPG in cars with large capacity engines?

Cars with large capacity engines, such as the Dodge Durango III 5.7 V8, powered by gasoline at 364 hp, consume as much as 16 liters per 100 km. If its user commutes 50 kilometers to work every day, he has to spend about 128 zlotys for a round trip in one day. Figuring that he works about 20 days a month, he has to pay 2560 zlotys for fuel alone for his monthly commute. LPG cars use 20% more fuel, but are still much more cost-effective.

To cover the same route with the same car, but with the LPG system installed, would cost PLN 68.16. Monthly costs for this would be in the order of PLN 1363.20. The difference in fuel costs between a gasoline-powered car and a vehicle with an LPG installation is as much as PLN 1196.80. Comparing these two results, it is easy to see how much savings the installation of an LPG system brings. It is worth remembering that the installation of a LPG system does not negatively affect the comfort of driving or the performance of the car. People who want to drive cars with large capacities and at the same time not overpay should opt for the installation of an LPG system.

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