How much can you save by driving on vacation in a car with LPG autogas installation?

Holidays are the time of year that both children and adults look forward to. It is during the warm summer months that most decide to take domestic and international trips. Depending on the distance, you can decide to travel by plane, train or car. The last option is by far the most convenient, allowing you to reach your destination comfortably and take more luggage. 

Is going on vacation by car a good idea?

Recently, the cost of petrol and diesel has risen significantly, making it unprofitable to travel by car powered by these types of fuel. The situation is quite different in the case of cars with gas installation. Recently, LPG in relation to petrol is the cheapest in history, which makes traveling by car with autogas really economical. Although the consumption of LPG per 100 km is 20% higher than the consumption of petrol, the price difference between the two types of fuel makes the journey with LPG installation much more profitable.

Some people wonder about the profitability of LPG installation. In fact, the amount invested to install it pays for itself very quickly, and the installation brings long-term savings. Currently, the price of one liter of LPG is about PLN 3.55, while the price of one liter of petrol fluctuates around PLN 8. In case of a car that burns on average 7 liters of petrol per 100 km, the cost of a 100 km trip is 56 PLN. A journey by the same car with a gas installation on the same route would cost only 29.82 PLN.

How do LPG cars perform on longer trips?

To make this solution even more profitable, it is worth comparing longer routes. From Warsaw to Split in Croatia is about 1424 km. To cover this distance by a petrol car burning 7 litres of petrol per 100 km would cost around 798 PLN. In the case of the same vehicle with autogas, the travel costs would drop to 425 PLN. This gives a saving of 373 PLN. And assuming a return trip, that’s about 750 PLN. 750 PLN remains in the pocket.

Travelling from Wrocław to Barcelona, you need to cover the distance of 2040 km. Driving the aforementioned petrol car, one has to reckon with the cost of 1143 PLN. Covering the same distance with a gas car would cost 609 PLN. As you can see, the savings are really big – as much as 534 PLN and with the return trip over 1 000 PLN. It is worth remembering that a good quality LPG system is an investment that will serve for years. Powered vehicles provide savings not only on long journeys during the vacations, but also during everyday drives. If you can’t see any difference in operation…. why overpay?

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