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What documents do I need to get after LPG installation?

High fuel prices mean that drivers are constantly looking for alternatives to vehicles powered by diesel or petrol. For years, the LPG system has proved to be unrivalled in this field as it significantly reduces the cost of driving one kilometer and does not significantly impair the performance of the vehicle or its comfort. Let’s find out what formalities are associated with the installation of autogas.

What should be taken care of when commissioning a gas installation?

Workshop, which will install the gas system, should be chosen very carefully. It must not only carry out all work according to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the system, but also issue a certificate, which is the basis for legalization of the installation. You have to remember, that from the point of view of regulations, installing a gas system means the obligation to make appropriate changes in the “papers” of the vehicle.

It will be necessary to have a certificate of the gas tank, which was used in the vehicle and an extract from the certificate of approval of installation and a bill/invoice issued by the garage, which must contain the identification data of the car – registration number and VIN number. The car owner also receives a document confirming the installation warranty and an instruction manual with instructions on how to operate the vehicle.

What do I need to do after installing a gas system?

The fact of installation of LPG system (in Poland) must be confirmed in the car documents. The owner should therefore apply to the Transport Office to obtain an entry about the installation of the LPG system in the vehicle registration certificate. In order to do that, it will be necessary to fill in a proper application and present the documents received in the garage as well as the vehicle’s card, if it has been issued to the vehicle. The formalities must be completed within 30 days from the date of installation. It is worth remembering that the insurer should also be informed about this fact. Documentation received from the workshop will also be needed for annual technical inspections of the car.

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