Advantages of LPG installation in the car

Despite the increase in the gas prices, LPG installations still enjoy great interest in our country. This is mainly due to the relatively high costs of petrol and a favorable ratio of the price of gas to the price of petrol.
In order to guarantee the profitability of LPG installation assembly or purchase of a car with an already installed LPG, it is worth knowing the general principle of its operation and the nuances related to its use.

When should you decide to install LPG?

LPG installation is the most cost-effective solution in situations when the vehicle travels long distances. For example, it is ideally suited for drivers who travel over 10-15 km one way each day to work. In total, it gives about 20-30 km. In the case of “driving on gas”, you can see significant savings. Of course, the combustion of LPG gas can be different. LPG is a mixture of 2 kinds of gas – propane and butane, which means a different octane number than petrol, different energy efficiency of the burned fuel. So a lot depends on the station where the gas is refueled, and even the ambient temperature. Interestingly, by combusting LPG, we contribute to the protection of the environment – it is worth remembering.

The costs of LPG installations

The biggest advantage of LPG installations is above all the savings issue. Certainly the price is the factor that makes most drivers decide to assembly gas installation.


The differences in prices depend primarily on the construction solutions used in the installation, e.g. injectors, reducer, the place of the gas filling unit, or the size of the gas tank, as well as the number of cylinders. The assembly costs, however, pay back very quickly.


However, it is worth remembering that the installation should be installed in a professional workshop. To be effective and economical, you need to remember about regular check-ups too. Most often after 10 000 km or 15 000 km (depending on the filter used). The service prices are determined by the workshop mounting the installation.