Jak dbać o instalację gazową w samochodzie?

How to take care of gas installation in the car

Owners of the vehicles with gas installations enjoy lower refueling costs compared to owners of the petrol-powered cars. However, it is worth remembering that regular service has a significant impact on the lifespan of the gas installation.

Gas installation in the car – what do you need to remember?

Vehicles with gas installation require regular visits at workshops specializing in LPG systems. In addition, you must also take care of its proper condition yourself. One should remember about several important issues that have very big impact on the quality of the gas installation. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the technical condition of your vehicle and components that closely cooperate with the installation. It is also good to remember about regular replacement of consumabls such as air filter or gas filter, which significantly affect the combustion.

Another important element to pay attention to is the ignition system. With LPG installations, the ignition may be more difficult, and if the spark is too weak, there may be problems with the correct operation of the engine. It is also necessary to maintain an adequate level of coolant, which is responsible for heating autogas. If the coolant level is inadequate, you can freeze the reducer. It should be noted that the above actions are not unusual and are exactly the same for the user of a car without gas installation!

Owners of the vehicles with LPG installation should also pay special attention to the selection of petrol stations, which has large impact on the quality of the gas that is refueled. Low-quality gas can negatively affect the operation of the gas installation, and thus deterioration in the engine parameters. The choice of petrol station is very important in this case, because the quality of the refueled petrol is equally important.

Why should I care for LPG installation?

Conducting regular inspections of LPG installations, both in professional service workshops and on your own, is very important for the proper functioning of the vehicle. In this way, many faults and related repairs can be avoided. What’s more, driving a car with an efficient gas installation is not only comfortable, but also much more beneficial for the environment. It is therefore worth checking regularly the LPG condition in your car.