Potential of modern installations

Modern LPG installations no longer resemble old systems, which is why most of the concerns about gas-powered vehicles are completely out of date. It is good to know the specificity of advanced LPG installations, which are ecological, economical and guarantee long-lasting, reliable operation.

LPG installation and ecology

When talking about LPG installations in vehicles, the issue of ecology and the impact of the gas system on the environment is often overlooked. Well, it is worth taking into account the fact that during the combustion of LPG, up to 20% less carbon compounds are produced than during petrol combustion. What’s more, the car with gas supply does not produce sulfur and lead compounds, and nitrogen emission is much lower than for other fossil fuels.

Contemporary constructor engineers operating in the automotive industry are looking for alternative solutions that could protect us against pollution produced by, e.g. cars. Big concerns announced a revolution with the appearance of electric cars, which theoretically distinguish zero emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, but in practice the production of components used for their construction is far from the assumptions of ecology. Out of the generally available and common solutions, LPG can certainly be considered as an effective alternative.

The specificity of modern advanced LPG installations

LPG installation is advantageous compared to petrol and diesel mainly due to the price, because the gas is twice cheaper. This means significant savings that can be made on an annual or even monthly basis while driving a car.

In addition to the financial and environmental issues, practical considerations also speak for gas installations. Technologies currently used allow long-term and reliable use of the car with gas supply, which is confirmed by the appropriate manufacturer’s warranty. The old opinion, about the fact that gas installation negatively affects the performance of the car or engine lifespan, is now completely out of date – these are myths.

Gas tanks mounted into cars are manufactured in accordance with advanced standards, ensuring efficient operation in all circumstances. Due to these factors, nowadays more and more vehicles equipped with gas installation are driving on our roads, and some statistical surveys indicate that in a few years there may be much more of them. It is due to the growing market interest in gas-powered cars, producers are still investing in cars powered with this type of fuel.