Can LPG have any flaws in the car?

The installation of LPG in the car brings a number of economic benefits. No wonder that more and more cars, vans, but also buses or forklifts are driving on LPG fuel. Skeptics who think that LPG is not good fuel point to a number of disadvantages and discourage others from installing it. Aren’t their allegations too  exaggerated? Let’s see!

Starting the engine

Cars with gas supply should be run in a petrol mode. It is worth remembering, especially in winter. Thanks to this way of starting the engine, the evaporator is heated with a coolant. Switching the fuel selection button right after entering the car is not a problem, and after a while it becomes a habit.

Gas tank in the trunk

Skeptics also emphasize that the installation of gas in the car involves taking a lot of space of the gas tank in the trunk. LPG car users, however, point out that it is very rare for them to pack the whole car “under the roof”, and the gas tank has never caused that something could not be transported because of the limited space. So this is an exaggerated argument.

Installation service

Opponents of LPG installation also say that the installation is an additional component that must be regularly checked and serviced. And this of course involves additional costs. However, if you think about it more deeply, these costs pay back in the form of lower bills for fuel.

Driving on petrol

Skeptics also complain that car should be fuelled by petrol  from time to time. It is true. However, when refueling LPG (it is worth choosing high quality gas from a reliable supplier), you can often get some petrol at the same station. It does not seem to be a big problem, especially once in a while.

Does LPG explode?

Many gas opponents claim that a gas car can explode This, of course, is not true! A properly installed and serviced LPG installation is completely safe for both passengers and the environment.