tankowanie samochodu LPG

LPG in a car with direct gasoline injection – where to start?

The use of LPG is still the best way to cover more kilometers cheaply, beats the expensive to operate and buy electric cars, and is also much more environmentally friendly than diesel engines. The great advantage of LPG is also the fact that it can be used in the vast majority of modern vehicles. For some time now, manufacturers have also been offering gas installations for direct petrol injection, thanks to which the advantages of driving on autogas can be used in almost all the most popular models of well-known brands.

What are the characteristics of installations for cars with direct injection?

The design of direct injection engines differs from indirect injection engines as the injectors are mounted in the combustion chamber. Due to this location, during the operation of the power unit on gas, they are exposed to high temperatures, and residues of the burned fuel in the form of carbon deposit may settle on their surface. For effective cooling and cleaning, the injectors must therefore be powered with small doses of fuel. Simultaneous supply of gasoline and LPG in the gaseous phase is not a major problem, but to ensure proper performance and optimal working conditions for all components, it is necessary to precisely select the location of the gas injection, as well as the correct selection of the controller software by creating an injection map optimized for a specific drive unit. The controller must also work well with the engine management computer so that it receives properly processed data on the dosed fuel.

How to choose an LPG installation for direct injection?

The need to adjust the gas installation not only to the car model, but also to the specific engine and its version means that the selection of the right controller is of great importance. The way to check if it is capable of servicing a given drive unit is to verify the engine code, which can be found on the nameplate in the engine compartment or in the service book. On this basis, it is possible to determine which controller will handle the drive unit and what should be selected evaporator and gas injector. Help in this regard can also be obtained from reputable LPG installers.

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