instalacje LPG

Pros and cons of mounting gas installation in a car

LPG installations in Poland are no longer a new issue. Although they had opponents in the past, they are becoming more and more popular now. And no wonder why: gas installations have evolved in recent years, now they are completely safe and adapted to the needs of new car models. Is it worth installing a LPG system in your car? Let’s see!

Cons of LPG

Of course, the installation of a gas system in a car has some disadvantages. One of them is the need to develop some habits. It is essential to remember to run the engine on gasoline especially in winter so that the evaporator is heated with coolant. It should also be kept in mind that the gas system requires regular installation and service inspections, which is an additional operating cost. The car must also be refueled with gasoline from time to time so that the fuel pump does not break. The disadvantage may also be limited space in the trunk of the car when installing a cylindrical or toroidal internal gas tank.

Pros of LPG

However, these minor disadvantages seem to be completely non-disturbing when we look at the benefits of the LPG installation. The main reason why so many drivers “switch” from gasoline to gas is, of course, cheaper operation of the car. Gas is about 40% cheaper than gasoline, which is why not only private individuals but also transport companies or taxi corporations use it willingly. Refueling brings huge savings per year. The second reason is the ecological value of this solution. Cars with gas installations emit much less greenhouse gases. Drivers also praise¬† better performance of the car – the gas tank weighs little, which is important for the car. Modern installations are mounted¬†quite simply, and they are completely safe. There is no risk of gas explosion. Currently, they use metal intake manifolds and systems preventing damage to the filter housing. LPG installation is both economical and ecological solution.