Which autogas injection rail to choose? | Hercules BF
| 60 KM/cyl.

An injection rail is, next to the controller and reducer, a very important component of the gas installation. The choice of the rail is of great importance to the driver. It affects the quality of installation use and savings. When investing in the gas installation in your car, make sure that the components mounted under the hood of your vehicle will serve for long and trouble-free work.

What to pay attention to when choosing an injection rail?

  1. Bet on the high quality of the rail. Thanks to it the injectors will last for a long time – even for over 200 000 km of trouble-free drive.
  2. Bet on solutions proven on the market. The ones which mileages are confirmed by workshops assembling LPG & CNG installations. Make sure that the rail has the necessary homologation for the safe use.
  3. Bet on product availability. Focus on the solution, which is in the manufacturer’s permanent offer, has a good reputation and will be on the market in the following years.

Which injection rail to choose?

The solution that meets the above criteria is Hercules injection rail (or individual injectors on the cable). Every month, almost 1 000 of them are assembled in the cars in Poland *. A considerable percentage of cars adapted for a gas supply are high-power engines. Then, the most often chosen solution is Hercules BF rail, which successfully supports up to 60 KM per cylinder. Hercules is available in two versions: BF and standard. Depending on the car’s power, Hercules rail can be mounted with or without nozzles.

By the use of:

– 1.9 mm nozzle, Hercules handles cars with power up to 20 KM per cylinder

– 2.1 mm nozzle, Hercules handles cars with power from 17 to 27 KM per cylinder

– 2.4 mm nozzle, Hercules handles cars with power from 24 to 36 KM per cylinder.

Hercules rails which are mounted without nozzles, handles cars with power from 35 to 50 KM per cylinder. By installing Hercules BF you choose a stable solution that handles cars with power up to 60 KM / cylinder.

Homologation numbers of Hercules injectors:

67R 01 1022 | 110R 01 1079 C.

* Data from the AG Centrum e-homologation system