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‘Skiing trip? LPG fuel only!’

Planning a family ski trip? Or maybe you want to take a bunch of friends with you? Regardless of who you’re traveling with, you need to make sure you’re properly prepared for your trip. If you are going to drive your own car, it is not only about packing your suitcase, but also about preparing the car. Rising fuel prices mean that you also have to take into account that such a trip can cost a lot. The expense will be the greater, the more kilometers you have to drive. So if you are planning a holiday abroad, you can expect a lot of expenses. But what to do to save on travel? Below we suggest how an investment in LPG can reduce the cost of a skiing trip.

Why is going on holidays on LPG fuel an economical solution?

It has been known for a long time that driving cars with LPG installations is a guarantee of savings compared to driving cars powered by petrol. And although all types of fuel are becoming more expensive, LPG installation still seems to be an economical solution, even though LPG cars consume more fuel per liter than petrol cars. Lower operating costs are more difficult to observe on short distances, but they are most visible on longer journeys. Installing an LPG system is particularly cost-effective when longer distances are covered more often, which is why going skiing on LPG turns out to be so beneficial.

Of course, the amount of savings depends on many factors. The model of the car and the style of driving are important, but in terms of running costs, a skiing trip on LPG fuel can guarantee savings from several dozen to even several hundred zlotys. What’s more, the installation of a gas system in comparison with the use of e.g. electric cars is also more ecological in Poland. LPG as a car fuel is responsible for lower emissions of harmful carbon compounds, nitrogen and heavy hydrocarbons than other fossil fuels. Thus, it means less impact on climate change and reduction of smog. When going on vacation or a trip to the mountains, it is therefore worth thinking not only about your wallet, but also about the environment.

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