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‘What are the advantages of a gas installation in a car?’

If you value economical and ecological solutions, you certainly do not need to be convinced about the benefits of having an LPG installation. If you are a skeptic and wonder about the advantages of a gas installation in a car – be sure to read the arguments in favor of liquid fuel obtained from natural sources. What is LPG? It is a by-product that comes from oil refining and natural gas deposits. Under the influence of pressure, LPG, which is a mixture of propane and butane, transforms into a liquid form.

Ecological LPG/CNG installation

What impact does the LPG/CNG installation have on ecology? Among engine fuels, LPG and CNG release the least harmful substances into the environment. In cars powered by LPG or CNG fuel, the air-fuel mixture, being more homogeneous compared to other fuels, burns more thoroughly. Gaseous fuel does not contribute to the increase of smog. Gas for internal combustion engines is considered a clean fuel that evaporates quickly, so it does not contaminate soil and groundwater in the event of accidental leakage.

What does a modern, sequential autogas installation give you?

Technologically advanced autogas installations are equipped with a system of injectors through which fuel is introduced into the engine cylinders. An electronic controller controls this process. The injection system ensures precise fuel dosing and allows you to maintain the optimal composition of the fuel mixture. Modern, sequential autogas installations, i.e. LPG installations for direct injection, are a solution increasingly used by car manufacturers. The new generation gas installation supports the efficient operation of the engine. Sequential gas enables vehicle users to drive dynamically and economically.