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What do the installation prices of LPG autogas depend on?

The installation of LPG systems is an attractive option for all drivers who drive many kilometers with their car. Gasoline prices, despite periodic fluctuations, remain quite high and it is hard to assume that this trend will reverse in the foreseeable future. A correctly selected and professionally installed autogas installation allows for a significant reduction in operating costs, and at the same time cars equipped with them have an advantage over strongly advertised electric cars. While a vehicle of this type requires an appropriate charging station, and the process itself takes quite a long time, an LPG car with direct or indirect injection can be refueled at any good petrol station at a similar time as when pouring gasoline. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of autogas and see what parameters of the vehicle are directly related to the prices of LPG installation.

Why are LPG installations an interesting option for every gasoline car?

LPG installations have been present on the market for a long time, and many drivers have become convinced of their advantages, especially those who use the vehicle for business purposes or cover long distances while commuting to work. Although modern engine designs are becoming technically more complex and should be low fuel consumption, as claimed by their manufacturers, operating costs still remain high. This is due to the imperfections of the test procedures, which do not fully reflect the real road conditions, and the results obtained by individual cars are impossible to achieve by a normal user. The systematic increase in fuel prices is also of great importance, as it effectively eliminates all changes related to the reduction of engine weight or the use of turbochargers. It is also worth remembering that in a growing number of countries, diesel engines, which until now have been considered an economical and “green” alternative, are “censored” precisely because of the degree to which they pollute the environment. In such a situation, the use of autogas seems to be the best option, both in terms of economic factors and ecology.

Using autogas is cheaper, and at the same time more environmentally friendly, than the use of gasoline or the purchase of diesel vehicles that require the use of diesel fuel. The profitability of autogas is demonstrated, among others, by the fact that installations of this type are massively used by companies using large fleets of company vehicles, as well as taxi companies. The assembly of LPG installations is a frequent choice of drivers of hybrid cars, which use the possibility of recharging the batteries thanks to the energy recovery from braking. Since, unlike electric cars, they can only use the electric drive to assist in acceleration or to drive fairly limited distances, they require a gasoline engine with the correct power. After installing a modern LPG installation, they give the opportunity to drive one kilometer at the lowest costs, and the investment amortization time is record-short.

There are many advantages of using autogas. Thanks to the installation of a properly selected installation, you can not only drive cheaper, but also feel no change in the car’s performance and durability. Of course, this requires taking care of the proper technical condition of the car, carrying out all the foreseen inspections on time and regular replacement of operating components – apart from typical activities related to car maintenance and changing the oil along with the oil and air filter, also systematic replacement of autogas filters and periodic checks of the operation of the entire installation . The key, however, will be the selection of an appropriate installation supplied by a reputable manufacturer and installation in a workshop that has the appropriate equipment, expertise and experience.

The quality of LPG autogas installation and its price

Installation of an LPG installation is associated with a precise, yet completely safe, interference with the operation of the fuel supply system of the drive unit, provided that the rules specified by the manufacturer are followed. It is necessary not only to mechanically assemble the entire installation, from the tank to the controller, but also to connect all electronic components and properly configure the system. Many drivers are convinced that the place where they start autogas does not really matter. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst mistakes that can be made, because an inexperienced installer will not only be able to correctly select individual elements for the engine installed in the car, but also properly connect and set the entire system. Among the most common problems reported by users of LPG installations, the first places are occupied by improper installation and mismatch between the type of system and the type of vehicle. It is worth remembering that when looking for a suitable workshop, it will be good to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, e.g. the list of recommended workshops.

The prices of the assembly of the entire system depend primarily on the type of the installation itself and the characteristics of the engine. The main factor is its capacity, which has a direct impact on the type of reducer for vapor phase gas injection and injectors, as well as the number of cylinders. The design is important as it determines whether it will be possible to install direct or indirect injection. An important price component is the controller that will be installed in the LPG system, as well as injectors or reducer. This device is responsible for controlling the operation of all components – from gas dosing through injectors, to the operation of solenoids – by interacting with the computer supervising the engine’s operation and obtaining from it the data necessary for the correct selection of parameters, including composition of the air-gas mixture. Although all components of the installation are of great importance to obtain the appropriate durability and comfort of operation, the importance of a properly functioning controller cannot be overestimated. A professional workshop offering installation assembly by selecting the right controller always checks the exact specification of the engine, matching the key elements of the set – incl. reducer, injection rail, filters or solenoid valve.

Installing the LPG system allows you to maintain all the parameters of the engine running on gasoline, but it must be remembered that it largely depends on the condition of the drive unit in which the autogas will be installed. A good workshop will suggest appropriate diagnostics before making the final decision, allowing you to avoid disappointment, but also the high costs of removing a possible fault. In the case of minor failures, the system will most often be installed after their removal, if the problems are more serious, it is worth considering an earlier renovation.

The price of the gas installation assembly is always a derivative of the quality of the components used and the service itself. Although autogas is chosen by drivers who count on reducing costs during the operation of the vehicle, it is certainly not worth saving too much on the assembly itself, as it may end up with the selection of inferior components, careless installation or its wrong configuration.

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