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Where to install LPG in the car?

Driving on autogas is a solution that has been well known for years, and its popularity – despite the appearance of new and more advanced engines – is constantly growing. Cars with characteristic LPG fillers have become a good part of the image of Polish roads, as well as numerous gas filling stations. Many drivers willingly choose to install a gas installation due to the benefits associated with it. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the right workshop that will be able to guarantee the high quality of all components used, while maintaining an appropriate level of the service itself. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s still worth investing in LPG installations, and see where to look for the right specialist.

Is the installation of LPG installation still profitable?

LPG installation is still the best solution for people who want to reduce the cost of driving one kilometer, and at the same time maintain full comfort of using their car. Although the system allowing the use of autogas instead of gasoline in more technically advanced vehicles is slightly more expensive than in the case of cars with old and simple carbureted engines, the scale of expenses is much smaller than with the available alternatives. The price difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine remains at a constant, high level and definitely exceeds the cost of a modern LPG installation, also due to the very expensive parts – just compare the cost of one diesel injector with its gasoline counterpart, or pay attention to the price for replacement dual mass wheel. It is equally expensive to buy an electric car, especially as it means a bit of trouble with charging – points with special stations equipped with chargers are rare and the process is long, while refueling autogas takes as much as pouring gas into the tank, and currently at each station you can refuel LPG. It is worth noting that the installation of LPG systems is usually also decided by taxi drivers using popular hybrids, because it allows for a significant reduction in the cost of using the vehicle.

Producers of LPG installations offer devices that guarantee the performance of cars running on petrol – neither the acceleration nor the dynamics associated with it, so important when overtaking, nor the maximum speed changes. Equally important, the durability of the engine remains at the same level – of course, subject to the necessary inspections and changes of oil and filters, as well as checking the settings of the gas system. Autogas cars are also as safe as petrol cars – autogas cylinders withstand typical collisions and accidents, which unfortunately can happen to anyone, even the most careful driver. There are also no problems with the durability of the equipment or the availability of LPG. Good quality gas can be refueled almost anywhere, also at the stations of the most popular networks.

However, modern cars are becoming more and more complex in terms of technologies and materials used, as well as electronic components. Producers of LPG installations are constantly adapting their products to subsequent engine designs and electronic systems that control them. Autogas can be installed in most cars without any problems, by selecting the type of controller or injectors for the type of drive unit. However, it must not be forgotten that the method of their installation and compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations are as important as the components used, so to achieve the maximum benefits of driving on autogas, use only proven services. Being lucky in this area can have dire financial consequences.

How to look for a good LPG workshop?

The assembly of a gas installation requires knowledge of both the individual components that make up the entire system and the optimal methods of their assembly. Although most installations operate on the same principles, individual components differ in their capabilities and offered functions. Some of them are designed for specific types of vehicles, others are a bit more universal, however, it is not only their appropriate combination that counts, but also precise assembly and proper setting.

It is worth remembering that one of the main causes of problems with LPG installations – sometimes very serious and negatively affecting the durability and performance of the car – are the wrong selection of individual parts and their incorrect assembly. Although the LPG systems themselves supplied by renowned manufacturers are reliable, mistakes made by installers may lead to engine malfunction, or even damage.

Most of the best producers of LPG installations present on their websites a list of recommended workshops that deal with the installation of the systems they provide. Thanks to this solution, a customer looking for a good point at which to install autogas, perform an inspection or make adjustments can find out where appropriate specialists can be found near his place of residence or the company’s seat.

Producers of LPG installations, cooperating with selected assembly points and services, offer specialized training courses allowing for systematic improvement of qualifications. Workshops that set up installations of a specific manufacturer are most often offered access to all the necessary information about the products and the optimal methods of their installation, adjustment and servicing. Installers can also count on technical support and full consulting, which translates directly into the quality of customer service and the level of services provided.

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